1923 Hoover Court

Are you on the hunt for the perfect summer camp or activity for your child this 2024 Summer? Or maybe you're an adult seeking a supportive community of positive people who will motivate and join you on your journey?  Look no further -  we've got everything you want and more! 



Our Summer Program includes: 

-Two Full Months of Training: Immerse yourself or your child in an enriching experience through our martial arts training

-Special Price: Enjoy two months of training for the price of one - it's our special summer offer! 

-Summer Team Attire: Get ready to sport our Tiger Rock team jersey, shorts, and your very first belt - all included! 

-Don't wait too long - we always fill up our 25 spots each summer!  Join us for a summer filled with learning, growth, and FUN.


Are you pumped and ready yet?  Secure your spot today and get ready for an unforgettable summer! 


The form below can take you through the entire sign-up process!  Still need more info or want us to help walk you through it?  No worries!  Just fill out the contact portion on this page and we'll be in touch! 


We can't wait to meet you!



Tiger Cubs (4 & 5 yrs):
Mon @ 4:30pm | Tue @ 5:30pm | Wed @ 4pm | Thu @ 6pm | Sat @ 9am

Juniors (6-11 yrs): 
Mon @ 4:30pm | Tue @ 5:30pm | Wed @ 4:30pm | Thu @ 6pm | Sat @ 9am

Youth/Teens (12-15 yrs)
Mon @ 6:30pm | Tue @ 6:30pm | Wed @ 6:30pm | Thu @ 5pm | Sat @ 11am

Adults (16+)
Mon @ 6:30pm | Tue @ 6:30pm | Wed @ 6:30pm | Thu @ 7pm | Sat @ 11am

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